Why Buy From Covco - We Work For You!

We buy in very large volumes. To give you an idea, typically the Shanghai office will process per month, 150-160 X 40' High cube containers of vinyl gloves alone. These kind of volumes allow us to buy competetively and we pass this on to our buyers. 

Payment terms
Normally we do not ask our customers for up front deposits. We have dealt with many of our factories for over 20 years on a monthly basis. They know, that provided they make what we have ordered, we will pay them promptly. They do not ask us for up front deposits, so we don't either.  

Everything we ship is inspected by our own staff. This ensures that you get what you ordered. We find that most problems in dealing with Asian factories, arise from misunderstandings of what buyers expect in terms of price to quality. Hopefully, we have this sorted when orders are placed. Our customer knows what he expects to get for his money and we have communicated this to the factory. However, in any manufacturing process there can be glitches. Our inspectors reject at least part of around 10% of our shipments and the fault is corrected, usually without our customer being aware of it. Normally we would only mention the problem to the customer, if there was going to be a delay caused by the fault being corrected. 

Product warranty
You are buying from us. It is unlikely that there will be any major quality issues. On our margins we can't afford them.This is why we put so many checks and balances in place to start with. However if there is a problem we will sort it out directly with you. All our products are certified to the appropriate standards according to the country to which we are shipping. 

Consolidation service
The 25,000 cubic meter Shanghai warehouse allows us to combine any products within reasonable trucking distance into a container. In other areas of China such as Beijing/ Xingang, where we buy many different products, we can often persuade factories to take in each others goods and consolidate them. 

New product development.
There are 2 sides to this. We are always looking to develop products ourselves which give our customers an advantage in their markets. At the same time we develop many items for customers which are bespoke. Unfortunately this means we can't put them on a website.  

We update on a regular basis, to confirm that  shipments will be timely. We source, sample and price new product requirements at no additional cost . 

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