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Covco   was established  25 years ago and specializes in supplying PPE from China, Malaysia and Thailand.  


We only manufacture product in factories which are supervised by our inspectors. 


Most of our original customers from 25 years ago are still with us and we have grown our businesses together. Some have been the victims (or beneficiaries depending on your viewpoint) of buyouts as their businesses improved.


Many of the products we supply are not on our website. We have developed them as bespoke lines for our customers, or have offered exclusive marketing arrangements in ceratin countries, for our own product developments.


In the last 15 years the PPE business has changed quite dramatically, particularly in Europe where EC legislation has meant that more and more certification is required. This involves  product certification for Personal Protection Equipment, food standard regulations and ethical trading type audits of manufacturers. This documentation and auditing is both is both costly and time consuming. We can handle all these certifications ourselves and where necessary can issue secondary certificates for customers. 

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